Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Don't know much about geneology

but I spent an hour in the Suva Family History center this morning dinking around with the computer. I don't think anyone there knows what they're doing really either. It looks like they have a network, but the computers aren't on it (I think). They have a collection of CDs (like about 100) dating from 1992, but none of my ancestors are on it, either. At least that I could find. It looks like a really scant record, and maybe it's just a really old version of the program, but it's primitive. I could write something better in a couple weeks, including reverse engineering the data into a usable form.

I don't know if the lady I asked for instructions knows what's up either, but she talked about estimating marriage dates based on childrens birth dates, and I don't know how to make sense of the hard copy records at all. I went through the tutorial, which is mostly about how to use the arrow keys and page up/page down.

I'll have a lot to learn if I'm going to be any help at all. Maybe I can get the libraries on the internet or something. I don't even know if geneology libraries are supposed to be connected to a central online database or what. I know the (possibly formerly?) free web geneology sites I've seen are much friendlier and useful, and they actually have some data to work with.


Yesterday afternoon I talked with Temple President Spencer and had his home made slushies and managed to corporate espionage the recipe, so I can get rich off that if spending all my money on dormitories and power converters in Fiji doesn't pan out.

Sister Spenser is the spitting image of her sister, Sister Maxfield (aka Annie aka Clipper) only with grayer hair. I know how she got the name "Clipper", too.

Bummed dinner off the McGoons again (I owe them two dinners now) spent the night at the Raintree again. Walked from the family history center (by the temple) to downtown because there weren't any busses passing me. Only I took the long way. Regular was probably about 2 miles, but I knew it went out of the way, so I went straight and added at least another mile to the journey.

Taking the bus back to Nadi to get the rest of my stuff and talk to the bishop of the Nadi ward again. Still no plans, but I can probably leave junk at the McGoons ifn I travel.

Thinking about hitching rides not just to the outer islands, but maybe Tonga, other countries, and maybe even NZ or Australia if I get bored. But then I'd be wasting money on renting a permanent residence. (and a fiji phone)


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