Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Still haven't gone swimming

I just got off the bus from Suva to Nadi and ordered a pizza. It was a long long ride, about 5 hours. So now I've got 20 minutes to wait for the pizza and then a cab ride home. $2 buys twenty minutes internet.

I haven't heard from Bishop Matatogia about family history. I should probably have been here yesterday if I wanted to do anything. But I found out at 3:00 that they were meeting at 5:30 and it would still take 3 hours minimum even if I were driving. I think I will take a rental back to Suva, but I could just use a couple days to relax and do nothing.

I still haven't gone swimming.

And I've got a bunch of fresh wounds on my ankles from scratching moquito bites. You don't feel them until after they're gone.

I spent some time on the bus (smaller seats than an airplane) reading the travel guide I finally obtained. It might be fun to go to all the resorts along the Coral Coast (south coast of Viti Levu, the main island), just get off the bus when I feel like it, but that would probably average $40 a day plus meals.

I'd really like a place to call my own, but am still hesistant about getting a flat, first of all, where.. .Nadi or Suva, and second of all, what about breakins? I could leave my computer with McGoons in Suva, and maybe let someone stay if I go to the outer islands. But crime is worse in Suva than Nadi, and if I end up helping in Family History Library here (seems less likely) it'd be quite a commute.

then there's the possibility of moving on. I hear they have real surf in Australia, and I've always wanted to go. Airfare's only about $300 from here, one way. That's Fiji Dollars.

Time for pizza.


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