Friday, August 12, 2005

Back to Suva (quickly)

Caught a minibus at 9 (for $16) to Suva -- dropped me at Tamavua village. It was a pain hauling the surfboard, got a small ding. It was much harder carrying it in the rental to the hotel though.

Got to McGoons at noon. Neighbors said they were at the park watching Christopher's rugby game. I left my surfboard and guitar on their front stoop and caught a taxi ($4) to albert park downtown. $5 to get in and caught the second half of the game. They (Ports) won. 14-10.

Walked back with Dodo after watching an under 21 game with him and his friends. Had juice and rotu curry (curried chicken and potato in a lefsa-like wrap.) Mucho Bien.

I was tired through the second game. And it wasn't that exciting anyway.

Dodo played with the surfboard and I played with the guitar. They're celebrating and I'm going now.


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