Friday, August 12, 2005

Shopping List

Yesterday morning I went shopping. Here was my wish list:

Flip Flops
Rain Jacket
Surf Board
Return Rental Car

I got everything except the rain coat.

Shorts (2 pair) $55 -- 1 with lots of pockets good for traveling with wallet, passport, phone camera, change, etc. And 1 like I like, almost like swimming/board shorts with drawstring and pockets and easy to dry.
Flip Flops $1.75 -- broke after 1 day's use
Surf Board $250 -- about the same as my board back home 7'6, narrower but thicker with glassed on fins. Like new.
Leash $30
Wax $8
Sprite $1.20
Guitar $150
Soft Guitar Case $20

I went to the surf shop, found the board, although I wanted a smaller one, the next size they had was 6'3 and it was an older one for more money. I figure I need at least 6'6 to keep me afloat until I lose some weight. I needed to get cash, and so I went shopping too.

A guy trying to sell drugs or mug me kept following me around, trying to be my friend. Finally I went into a "fancy" store where they kicked him out. I bought the shorts in gratitude, though I needed at least one pair anyway and they wouldn't give me a deal on the swimshorts which they were asking $40 for.

I got the guitar too, since it was $150 and I'd like something to do in my idle time sailing. Both the guitar and surfboard I figure I can sell for more than I paid, though I don't think I can take them both back with me. I'll try to sell the board in Australia, though I'd like to use it in Kadavu when I get back in October.

Since I've been sick I find I like Sprite more and Papaya less.

I took the stuff to the Nadi Bay Hotel since Wailoaloa tried to tell me the dorm was full. Those people are snakes. Then I hurried the rental car back to have it returned by 1:00.


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