Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Reconsideration reconsidered

Well, I think I'm over the doldrums from inactivity, though I've still spent far too much so far. I'll be looking at some flats to rent today, but now I'm not sure if I should get one. I've got (tentative) plans to go to alot of islands, and I just got email back from the Australian yachtie. Nothing definite yet, but he wants to interview me tomorrow.

So I might go spend a few weeks in Australia surfing. All I need (I think) is a one-way ticket back to Fiji (before Oct 28) from Oz. I may need a Visa for New Caledonia though.

Good news on the picture front. This cybercafe will allow me to bring my computer in. So I can download the photos from my camera to computer and edit them offline and then upload them here. I could also start composing my blog entries before coming, too. Now I just need a place to do it.

I've already made a habit of visiting McGoons for dinner. Yesterday I brought them ice cream and juice (sodas) as payment. I don't want to spend days there too, especially since there's often no one there. That's one argument in favor of getting a flat. Yesterday's paper also says the just got DSL in Suva too. Even at $100/month it'd be cheaper than $5/hour here.

The only probem with the Yacht trip is that it leaves like on the 15th or 19th or something like that and Dodo and me were planning on going to Kadavu next week when he's out of school for two weeks. It'd be a month in the boat, and a couple weeks in Australia at least, so that'd mean blowing off Fiji mostly, which I was about to do until I decided to spend money.

Tomorrow I'm taking the car back to Nadi too, and will be meeting the realtor to look at properties on the Coral Coast at Maui Bay estates.

Now another realtor just called, so I'm on my way to look at a flat to rent.


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