Sunday, August 07, 2005

Fresh fotos

Spending all day at the internet uploading pictures and arguing with Kelsey. I hate computers.

It looks like the photos are still too big and this internet connection is too slow. If I can use my computer, I can shrink more pics and upload them to the memory in the camera and take them to the more expensive cybercafe and hopefully upload some more.

So much for getting anything done today. I was going to look for a place to stay, call a realtor/property manager, and find out about the properties for sale I was interested in (but am not really interested in anymore.)

I figure my blog postings today have degenerated the more time I've been here. This place is full of kids playing games and shouting.

So that's why I left my last post on a cliff hanger. I'll wait till I learn a bit more to describe it, but if you read this, and you know her, tell Kelsey I'm not as discouraged as I sound in my emails to her.


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