Sunday, August 07, 2005

Lovo Food

So Sunday I went to church with the McGoons at the Tamavua ward. It was a Fijian speaking ward, so I didn't understand a thing.

But afterwards, we had lovo, which is the traditional food they cook in the ground. Only they didn't cook it in the ground. They used the oven because they didn't have time.

Chicken, Pork, Taro (dalo), Pumpkin, Potatoes, salad. Good food. Layed around all afternoon watching TV and digesting. Watched the Suva rugby & Australian Rugby league. In League, it's only 4 points per try, and two for the extra. Two point penalty kick too. Seems alot more organized too.

I've been at internet too long and haven't got anything done. Fighting to shrink and upload pictures on website. Hope you appreciate this.


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