Thursday, August 04, 2005

I want my mommy

I was sick all day yesterday. Still a bit weak today. I didn't eat anything except an orange, some M&Ms and a few Ritz crackers for breakfast. Tried to sleep all day, but exhausted my reading material instead. Tried a few gulps of Tarumba (like Sunny Delight, but good -- orange/banana is my favorite) but it didn't sit well.

Finally went swimming after a nap in the afternoon in the small pool at the hotel. I was still feeling bloated and almost threw up the juice while swimming. Floated for a while and then tried to dry out. It was only like 70 and windy all day, so I had a chill after swimming in the unheated, not chlorinated enough pool.

It think it was good to get some exercise, but maybe it didn't help.

I woke up from my nap when a truck rumbled by on the dirt road right by my window (also did I mention I'm right under the departure path for planes.) I'd been dreaming about playing football, just a pickup game in the park type, and the rumble of the truck coincided with a crush of players on me in my dream. Scared the bejeebus out of me.

Finished my George Washington biography, finished reading the economist. Looked through Kelsey's pictures and missed her.

I tried drinking a Sprite for dinner to replenish fluids and get some carbs in me. But it didn't stay down long. Also looked like my breakfast was still in my stomach, undigested. I'd eaten the whole pizza the night before (about a 10 incher) and it was fairly good except the pepperoni was burnt to a crisp. Also had a pawpaw (papaya) I immediately felt bloated, having skipped lunch and gorged myself for dinner. The impression I had was that I was having trouble passing it through my system. Even though I had diarrhea, not much was coming out. (Sorry for grossing out any readers, but I'm writing for myself more than anyone else.)

Anyway, I finished off the Sprite (about 1/4 left) about 3 in the morning when some jerks having a Kava session (drinking the local grog, a mild narcotic, and talking very loud and stupidly. No, I couldn't understand them, but you can tell when people are stupid in any language.) woke me up. It stayed down, but still didn't sit well. This morning I had some Tarumba juice and it stayed down, but I'm still feeling light headed. I went for a walk earlier (about 7) and felt okay, but then I broke into a sweat clipping my toe nails.

I plan on renting a car to go to Suva again today and look for a place to stay. I can leave my laptop & big bag at McGoons, I hope.


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