Thursday, August 04, 2005


I don't know if it's just because of the sickness, and some basic discouragement, but I feel like I've seen all I want to see. I'd still like to go to the outer islands, but it isn't as big of a draw for me anymore. I guess the way I'd really like to do it is to have my own boat and cruise around wherever I want. I've thought about taking a trip to the Yasawas (the tourist islands, the pretty part of Fiji) but I'm beginning to feel that I'd rather spend my money doing other things.

An extended road trip down the west coast sounds like a lot of fun to me right now. You really don't enjoy doing things unless you have others to share it with. Of course, I'd also like to spend some time alone to work out what I want to do, but not particularly in Fiji. I'd like relative security, and some creature comforts like TV, and expecially a good food selection.

I knew it would probably be a tough start, but I feel like all I'd be doing is marking time and spending money here. I'm thinking about going to Australia or some of the other islands, like maybe Tonga. I'll give it another week, before I decide, but it makes it tough, because now I can't settle down, and even though I've already got a phone with a plan, I don't have a place to stay or many contacts. Even if I could find the right piece of land, I don't think I have enough cash to develop it right, and I don't really feel like living in Fiji is what I want.

I've got friends in Seattle, family in Montana, and a guide to take me surfing in Mexico, who seems to love me. Mostly I thought about being with her when I was sick. And I'm not feeling too good now, either. Maybe I'll have more enthusiasm when I've got my strength back.


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