Monday, August 15, 2005

Donuts and Swordsellers

I think I've figured it out. Every time I have a donut, I get approached by a sword seller. Sword Sellers are stupid guys who try to be friendly but are just trying to sell you junk souvenirs. They do it by asking your name and then carving it on a stick painted black and telling you that you have to buy their sword. They also have other things like cheap made in china masks that looked they were carved by a ten year old in fifteen minutes. I really want to lead on on enough so that he defaces his property with an outrageous name and then walk away.
Anyway. Last night I was too late and when I tried to get a room at the Raintree they were closed. (They close at 10:00pm for future reference.) So I went back to McGoons to try to stay there. Dodo said he'd give me the bed, but when I got there no one would answer the door. I tried calling the phone, and heard it ring from their doorstep, but they are all sound sleepers.
I contemplated curling up on the curb in from of McGoons, but decided that would be pathetic, so I called a cab and asked if he knew where any hotel that was still open (after 11pm) was. He wanted to take me to Tradewinds, which is actually a dump, and all the way in Lami, by the real dump whose scent greets you as you pull into town. And it's $84 a night. And he'd probably want to charge like $15 cab fair. And I'm sure it would have been closed.
Tradewinds is the same co. that does the timeshares all over.
So I found a spot in town. It was $56 because they were all out of cheaper rooms. Oh, well, they do have a spot for $52 and breakfast is free.
This place was a dive. Tradewinds would've been nicer. I doubt anyone but locals stay there. I had to ask for towels, and they were closer to sheets than towels. But it did have a TV with a blurry australian soap opera and TBN, my favorite christian network.
Breakfast was two cold, dry pieces of toast, some tea, and a huge slab of butter & bowl of unrefined (think light brown) sugar. I was delivered to the room at just before 7, long before I felt like getting up. I ate the toast anyway and watched a televangelist who actually had some interesting points about Islam, though delivered in a caustic manner.
I walked into town, since it was on Waimanu road by the Hospital, not a very far walk, determined to get my shoes repaired (he's working on them now while I'm using loaner flip flops. I anticipate he's going to try renegotiate the price and to force me to buy the flipflops too.
I looked at some used jackets for $40-50. Got a donut, looked at a couple other hotels. One, the Annandale Apts is $50 a night for a nice room, but it's still in a bad part of town. If they had a discounted monthly rate & internet, I'd consider it (if I end up staying monthly.)
By the way, I still haven't heard from the Yachtie. I went at 11-1130 yesterday, 400-530, and then had dinner at 7-8. I left an email and called up his boat on the CB several times while I was there. Looks like I may not be going to Australia after all.


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