Monday, August 22, 2005

I knew it

Officially, we're leaving Thursday, come what may. We'll see.

I'm going to load my stuff on the boat tomorrow and stay the night aboard to get an early start. Customs at 10:00am.

Today I loaded a bunch of stuff on my computer to study while at sea. I should come back with a better understanding of fast-cgi, xul, nocat wifi portal authorization, (i forgot about getting openRADIUS and openLDAP), and a java testing framework. As much as I could get before my laptop battery died (about 1 hour.)

Or at least I should come back with a tan and a couple fish stories. But in case I get marooned on an island with 110watt 60cycles AC power available, I'll have something to study untill I'm rescued.

This morning I decided to walk from Raintree to Tamavua village. It took a little over an hour, so I reckon it's about 3-4 miles. I got a nasty cut on my ankle in the first 2 minutes from my shoe, which I covered as much ground yesterday with no trouble. I also developed a blister on the same foot on the sole of my instep.

I had no socks and had been wearing the same clothes since Sunday after church (and the shirt since Saturday) since my laundry was all at McGoons. When I got there, no one was home, but my clothes were hanging out to dry, so I exchanged my wet, dirty shirt, for a wet clean one and then put on some damp socks.

A surfboard costs $20 FJD for luggage, I got it in writing (sortof.) I'll try to sell the guitar in Australia, i think, so that I won't have 4 pieces of luggage, unless I put my laptop in my duffle and can have the guitar as a carryon.

I'll be leaving Sydney at 1:00pm on October 5. Who knows when I'll get to Brisbane what I'll do in the time between. I figure I'll have 2 - 3 weeks in Oz.


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