Thursday, August 18, 2005

In other news

Last word was the boat was officially not leaving until Monday at the earliest, and I suspect later. But I got a garbled phone call this morning from the yachtie that asked me to meet him this evening and bring my passport, etc.

I'm on my way there now.

Didn't do a darn thing today, yeah rainy again. If I hadn't got the call, I was thinking about going to Levuka, the capital from the 1800s. Or maybe a 3 day trip to Koro.

Actually, what happened was, I got out of the raintree late, almost 10:00am, and Bro. McGoon drove by. He stopped and I went with him to inspect the church buildings (that's his job) in Lautoka. Then I slept on their couch this afternoon watching national geographic channel.

There's going to be a party tonight with Lovo (I could smell the woodsmoke all afternoon) on account of one of Christopher's teammates is going to Australia to play Rugby Leage.

Tomorrow I'll watch them play. His team is 10-0 and still kindof an underdog, on their way to the championship. It's just the local club league. I guess there's also a national league, where Suva has one team and other towns or small islands have a team. It hardly seams fair since Suva has half the population of the whole islands. And then there's also the national team.


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