Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Another rainy day

in Suva. Though it's clearing up now, I don't have much to do anyway.

Tonight I'll go to the Tadra-Kahani dance competitions and cultural etc., etc. Till then, I'll make a few more notes on the blog. I have to stick around Suva to clear customs tomorrow morning, then I'll have a day or two or three or more till we leave. So I can't really do much, though truth is, there isn't much I want to do around here.

I remembered last night why I'm so bummed is because I didn't come here for a vacation or for a rest or even an "adventure". I wanted to accomplish something and then it was only when I realized it wasn't feasible that I decided to just have fun. But the type of fun I want isn't spending a week at a hotel sunbathing. And sightseeing by yourself is boring.

I really want to be building something. A house or a boat or a business. Doing something constructive. Constructive is not what Fiji is. You can only waste money here. That's fine if you can afford a private island, or if you just want a week or two away from a cold city to do nothing but soak up the sun.

Sometimes I'm self conscious about what I write in here, since I now realize that there's actually an audience, and its more than just kelsey and sometimes my mom.


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