Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Aboard the De Jagter II

I got up early this morning since I finally had something to do. I was showered and packed and waiting for the bus by 7:00am. At what to my wonder but the first bus stopped, and I was at Tamavua by 7:30.

Tua was the only one up yet, hanging out the laundry. She reminded me that I'd left my plastic (a grocery bag with my breakfast of oranges, rolls, and Tarumba juice.)

I ate silently and got my bags. That woke Dodo up, so he shook my hand and said goodbye, volunteered to help me carry the surf board when the taxi came and went back to bed. He'd been trying to convince me not to go the past few days.

Bro. McGoon volunteered to take me down to the yacht club on his way to work (the opposite direction) when I asked if he has some rope I could borrow. He helped me load up into his (the church's) van (pickup truck.) He didn't like my knot, so he showed me how to cinch it properly. Not too tight, I warned.


I don't think I'll be able to sell the surfboard for a profit now, even after repairing. It's not too bad, but a patch reduces its value by at least $100. Maybe I'll have to keep it now.

As soon as I unloaded, expecting to wait an hour or two, I saw Alan disbark from his boat. So I loaded my gear and waited while they filled with water, gas, etc., and talked to someone Alan knew, whose boat he'd happened to have delivered a while back. Their names were Chris and Carolyn. He's English (I think) and she American (Korean descent) They've got 3 cute little children, Asian looking with blond/brown hair.

We're pulling out of the dock now and heading to customs in a bit. Alan just got the insurance clearance and we're leaving first thing in the morning. I'll stay onboard tonight, but will have time to wander around today, say my goodbyes, and send this letter with the pictures of the boat.


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