Tuesday, August 23, 2005

If I were a farmer

While I was walking the other day I got to thinking about how fruit grows naturally around here. And I started to get the urge to become a farmer. Wouldn't it be great to have several coconut trees in your yard so you can knock a green one down and take a drink whenever you feel like it, or pull a ripe one down and use the milk & meat for flavor, or eat the sweet solidified center of an old coconut.

There are also bananas and papayas growing wild around here. Orange and mango trees are also common. President Spencer has a passionfriut bush and avacado tree too. You can keep the dalo and casava (tapioca), but I'd grown potatos and corn.

Wheat and rice and vegetables also grow here, and of course pineapples. Though sugar is the main crop, followed by coconut. They do grow some pine for timber, but I think that would make a very good cash crop. I wonder how redwoods would grow here? It gets plenty of rain, but it might be too warm.


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