Saturday, September 03, 2005

At the Denarau Sheraton

outside Nadi, Fiji. Still haven't left for Oz.

I'm still on Tony's yacht "Devotion", but will catch a ride back to Suva tomorrow. I have a few posts to post, but internet is 25 cents a minute here. It's a very deluxe resort (in a mediocre deluxe location) aboard the ghettoest yacht in the harbor. The rest are all way flash, and all that's really wrong with Tony's boat is that it's 30 years old and a quite a bit dirty from being at sea for 9 months. It's just about what I'd be looking for. He paid $50,000 for it, and that's about my range.

I look like a beachcomber from hell -- the salt in my hair helps me to have a nice blonding afro, and I'm turning a nice reddish brown. This side of fiji has mucho sun.

Anyway, despite how I look, and how the boat looks, a yacht is a yacht, and we're still treated like ghetto kings of the high seas. But I can't affort to post more at these princely internet rates. I'll try to fill in a few more posts in Nadi tomorrow before going to Suva.

Their working titles are:

A long long night
Red Feet
Night Swimming


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