Thursday, August 25, 2005

A new scheme

How about the old hotel wifi idea transferred to marinas and yacht clubs, etc. For a small marina just a home access point would add value to moorages. A captive portal with a strong signal that could be picked up by boats in the bay (a beachfront hotel could do this too) where you could accept credit card numbers directly would be golden. An internet cafe is $5 an hour here. And it's probably comparable the world over. I think this would be sustainable for yachties, or even more considering they wouldn't have to go ashore and they are a more upscale market as well. Directional, and/or higher powered antennas could be rented from the marina.

I could still do hotels, and RV parks, etc. It would naturally fit together. A portal with my own ads combined with local ads would be ideal. Something like this:

- ads by the wifi provider (me)
- ads purchased for the global market from the wifi provider
- ads by the portal (the marina or hotel or whatever)
- ads by local for the local market - shared by the portal provider and the wifi provider
- ads by the users

You could purchase a traveller pass that covers all our wifi spots. You could purchase by the minute/hour/day/week, etc. You could purchase tokens.

you could sell batteries, solar panels, etc., along with computers and yachting supplies.

You could partner with other wifi providers.

Anyway, it's another good excuse to go travelling around the world. And I could write off my yacht.

Tony is taking some American kids out around Fiji tomorrow for a couple weeks. He was up partying last night with tem after he and Alan polished of a liter of brandy last night on our boat. He says he almost fell out of his dinghy on the way back to his boat. He sounds like a pretty cool guy and might be a good contact.

If anyone out there wants to yacht around Fiji, I can book you on his boat. He'll take you diving with sharks, to some local village ceremonies on the outer islands, and find a remote beach to sunbathe from. All for the price of fuel and a bit for his expenses.

I'll sell you a package deal with airfare and hotel before and after your adventure too, though I don't have the survival tour worked out yet.


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uhhh... buy a book for a penny!

Dang it now I'm one.. :) You should delete the other comments..


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